Welcome to STEM-SMART.  Our mission is to increase the pipeline of STEM students to U.S. colleges and universities, while building and strengthening relationships between those institutions and the industries who will employ their graduates. The U.S. faces many challenges:

  • In order to retain our status as a leading global economy, and as a destination of choice for international students, our nation recognizes the need to strengthen our foundation in the STEM majors and disciplines via enhanced educational offerings, and through more intentional efforts to attract students to these programs.
  • With increasing numbers of women and students of color entering higher education, we must encourage greater participation in STEM fields within those populations.
  • US industries are becoming increasingly vocal about the need to grow the pool of qualified applicants for jobs in STEM-related sectors of the economy.  At the same time, they are frustrated by their inability to connect directly to graduates with particular skill sets, and with the universities who educate them.

We invite you to become a STEM-SMART Ambassador:

  • Promote the value of STEM to students and share with them why it is important for the future of the U.S. Share with us your career experiences in STEM and guide the next generation!
  • Promote the value of STEM programs at your specific institution to students who are eager to learn about great programs. Share with us your videos and other links. We will promote them on this blog!
  • Guide interested students in building strong portfolios for entrance into STEM degree programs and career paths.

 Why Become an Ambassador?

Every recent study has shown that the U.S. needs to turn its attention and resources to increasing the number of young people trained in STEM disciplines (live link) in order to remain competitive on the global stage in the years to come.  Our high school students are falling behind their peers in other countries when it comes to STEM literacy, and our educational system is failing to make the case for pursuing STEM degrees as our young people look toward college.  In particular, these studies show that while women and students of color increasingly enroll in institutions of higher education, they are dramatically underrepresented in STEM degree programs. Even as the number of STEM field graduates is low, the demand for STEM-trained graduates in industry grows.  The need for entry and mid-level employees within STEM-related businesses and organizations, and the desire to diversify these workplaces with greater numbers of women and people of color adds to the urgency of building this pipeline for STEM education.Statistics and studies speak loudly to the need, but potential students need to hear from YOU.  Though some will be motivated by what they read, more will be moved to consider STEM fields by hearing from those who are passionate about their work, who have found meaning in what they do, and who are able to personalize the invitation to engage in STEM learning.  Our ambassadors will challenge our students to become part of the solution as we work together to meet the world’s problems and to improve the future for humanity. Contact us at guptaug@buffalostate.edu

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