In a challenging economic environment, most initiatives focus on the needs of jobseekers – helping them to assess the market, to hone their skills and to pursue opportunities as they arise.  STEM-SMART, however, looks to the needs of those with vacancies to fill, those in the industrial sector whose growth is necessary to the competitive growth of our nation.  In a NYS report on future workforce trends, it was stated: “The challenge will be not to find jobs for people but instead, to find people for the jobs.”*  This reflects a nationwide concern over the growing gap between increasing labor needs in such fields as Construction, Manufacturing, Biotechnology, Biomedical, Energy and Nanotechnology, along with a myriad of other STEM-related sectors – and the number of STEM-degreed graduates entering the workforce.  Corporations, small businesses, nonprofits, and other hiring organizations face the additional challenge of finding applicants with the skill sets to match their particular needs.  For those companies seeking to diversify their labor pool, connecting with women and people of color with these qualifications, the task is even more daunting.

STEM-SMART is working to improve the odds at both ends of the tunnel – by increasing the pipeline of young people entering STEM fields, and by building long-term relationships between industry and higher education so that graduates with specific skill sets and companies with specific needs can find each other.  STEM-SMART works with employers in corporate America to develop, attract, and build a steady pipeline of well-prepared, diverse, entry to mid-level talent for STEM careers in high-growth industries.  Our team works with client companies to identify required employee skill sets, and colleges and universities who are graduating students with matching requirements – and to build relationships with those program/schools.







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