Hot Jobs in the US

Want a job where demand exceeds supply and future prospects are good?

Listed below are the jobs and the percentages by which they are expected to grow through 2018

Biomedical engineering  72%

Network System Analysts    53%

Biochemists 37%

All other "hot" jobs will be in health care!

Source: Labor Department (also published in the Wall Street Journal 5/26/2010)

So if what you love to do, does not appear on this list what should you do? First, don't fall trap to statistics. While these may be "hot" jobs, it does not mean that there is no need for other skill sets.  Follow your passion. Money will follow. Don't ask, "Will I find a job?" Ask, "Will I be able to advance the vision and mission of a company or organization?' Ask, "What are my skill sets? What can I do that will wow others?" That is the way to have a job and even if you lose your job, you will find your way to the top quickly!

Dr. Uma G. Gupta is the CEO of USAsiaEdu, an international student recruiting company located in Rochester, NY.

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