Like ice cream, MBA comes in different flavors

Like Ice Cream, MBA comes in many flavors

Many students are interested in studying business at
the graduate level and the most common degree they seek is Masters in Business Administration
or MBA.  Of course, like any other area
of study, MBA has branched into a number of specializations with new ones being
added every year. Some have been around for many years like accounting,
marketing, and finance. And some are entirely new. There are more than 20 specializations
and several dual degrees with MBA. Some of the popular specializations are

1.      Accounting

2.      Communications

3.      Entrepreneurship

4.      Finance

5.      Health
care management

6.      Hospitality
and Tourism

7.      Human

8.      Information

9.      Information

10.  International

11.  Investment

12.  Leadership

13.  Marketing

14.  Media

15.   Sports Management

16.  Public

17.  Organizational

18.  Product

19.  Real

20.  Supply
Chain Management

You can also get a dual degree with your MBA. A dual degree is one where you
earn two degrees (sometimes at the same institution and sometimes at two
different universities) by studying for both at the same time. Dual degrees are
different from double majors.  It is hard
work, but often well worth the effort

MBA/Masters –in several disciplines
MBA/Nursing MBA/Health Administration

Dr. Uma G. Gupta is President & CEO of USAsiaEdu (www.usasiaedu.com), an international student recruitment company. She can be reached at exec@usasiaedu.com





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