Scholarships to Study in the US

International students often state boldly,"I want a "full scholarship" and "full financial aid" to study in the US. Often they will ask, "Can you guarantee that I will get a full scholarship?" There are a few simple truths about scholarships for international students in US universities:

1. There are very few scholarships for international students.

2. These are merit-based, not need-based. In other words, rarely will a student get a scholarship because they "need the money."  Scholarships are given out based on merit and accomplishments.

3. Most scholarships are awarded AFTER the student is admitted, not as part of the acceptance letter.

4. You must have good communication skills to get a scholarship. This means you must be able to speak English and write English well in order to qualify as a meritorious student.

If someone tells you that they can "get" you a scholarship because they have "connections" in US universities or know how the "system works" well heck, then I am the Queen of England writing this blog post.

Dr. Uma G. Gupta is the CEO of USAsiaEdu, a consulting company that recruits students for US universiteis. www.USAsiaEdu.com She can be reached at exec@usasiaedu.com

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